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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Penjelasan terhadap komen-komen pelajar

Dear students,

I received hundreds of sms & phone calls. So sorry for not being able to answer some of the phone calls or to reply sms.

Just to inform all of you, (coz I did receive unfriendly e-mails accusing me for all the difficulties/problems during course registration):

1. I am not the one who designed the time table/who set up the system. My responsibility is just to assist you if you have any difficulty during your course registration. When I received complaints from students.(e.g: clashes etc.), I will notify the Coordinator to check the system. In the case of servicing subjects such as BEL, CTU, etc., we need to inform Pusat Bahasa or CITU to rectify the problems.

2. Sorry for the long waiting time outside KP's room. What you need to know is that my "tugas hakiki" is lecturing. I have classes (3 classes) to lecture. Besides, as KP , I have meetings to attend, documents to be signed or reviewed, phone calls to be answered, letters to take action (eg: rayuan kemasukan from all over Malaysia). Since the opening of the online registration system, I work 7 days a week (eg: today (Saturday) I need to attend bengkel e-voting for campus election, tomorrow (Sunday) will look at the complaints written in the book left on the counter “some of you call it as buku masalah” ). I even went back late at 10.00 pm (can you imagine... working alone in my room at level 11 at night to settle the registration problems... going down unaccompanied in the scary lift at night.. I do hope that students will understand and be patient. Normal track is not similar to fast track. Fast track.. the number of students is not as large as normal track (just around 800 students) but for normal track, I have about 1,700 students. Fast track, they only have lepasan DIA but normal track, we have Lepasan DIA, DIB, DBS, Matrikulasi, Politeknik, UTM and many other colleges. It means that many works to be done, many problems to cater as all of you have different program structures.

However, I am so thankful to few students who really understand the situation, willing to wait until 8.30 pm to be entertained, willing to help (wan & the gang) and I am so pleased when few students bought me a cup of coffee & buns when they realized that I didn’t have time to go for lunch.

Therefore, please act promptly to notices as your action could speed up the process.