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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Deloitte Tax Challange 2008

I need one (or more) team from Normal Track students. Those interested, please e-mail me at intansm@hotmail.com or call me at 03-55444916/013-3688791 or see me at level 11 bilik KP. (5 students per team)

i. Deloitte Challenge - Team Category
- has two stages ie. preliminary round (16/09/08) and finals (14/10/08)
- is a case study competition.
- involves identifying issues and opportunities in a simulated business situation, providing solutions to the issues and presenting live to a panel of judges.

Competition Format
Preliminary 16 September 2008
Preliminary competitions will be held simultaneously throughout Malaysia. It will be conducted by the universities/colleges.
Each team will be provided with a simulated business case.
Each team will gather in an assigned room for a three-hour break-out session, during which each team will discuss the case and create an executive summary of their solutions. Assistance from individuals other than the four team members participating in the competition will be prohibited.
Each team will submit their executive summary at the end of the session.
Leadership skills will be imbedded within the case studies
Official language: English

Finals 14 October 2008
The Finals will be held in Kuala Lumpur.
Five teams with the highest score (from the semi-finals) will participate in the Finals.
During the finals, teams will be given a more challenging business case.
The morning session will follow the same format of the preliminary round. Apart from preparing an executive summary of their solutions, participating teams will be required to prepare presentation materials.
In the afternoon session, each team will be required to present their solutions to a panel of judges within a specified time limit.
The panel will determine the first, the second and the third place teams.
The champion team will make their presentation during the Gala dinner.
Official language: English

Eligibility of Entry
Each team will be made up of five full-time Malaysian students who are enrolled in an undergraduate related degree programme of the university. Only four members will take part in the actual competition and the remaining member is a back-up.

ii. Deloitte Challenge – Individual Category
- three stages in the competition ie.
a. 1st stage (online) – 15/09/08;
b. 2nd stage (written test) – 23/09/08 and
c. the finals – 14/10/08.

Competition Format

Stage 1 15 September 2008
This is done online. Students will register and be given a password to access to the questions.
Participants are given 60 minutes to answer 60 questions
Participants with the highest scores will proceed to Stage 2.
Official language: English

Stage 2 23 September 2008
This is a classic written test and will be held at selected universities.
Participants with the highest score will compete in the Finals.
Results will be placed in our website.
Official language: English

Finals 14 October 2008
In this stage finalists will be given a question to speak on (question will be given a week earlier).
The finalists will make their presentation to a panel of judges.
The panel will determine the first, the second and the third prize winners.
The winner will make his/her presentation during the Gala dinner
Official language: English