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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kenali Persatuan ANDA

The Founders of ABACCs

She was the founder of Association of Bachelor of Accountancy Students in year 2000. As the former advisor of Advanced Diploma in Accountancy students, Pn Radiah and the founding committee established the Association of Bachelor of Accountancy Students. Pn Radiah used to teach Accounting Information System and Public Sector Accounting.
Pn Radiah Othman


Association of Bachelor of Accountancy Students ( ABACCs ) is one of the oldest students’ association in UiTM. The registration number SH003 indicates that ABACCs was the third students’ association to be registered in UiTM. At that time, Bachelor of Accountancy was known by the name of Advanced Diploma in Accountancy.

To become a dynamic and effective organization for the Bachelor of Accountancy students in acting as a legal body in providing a mean for its members to voice up anything concerning the students welfare and affairs through the appropriate channels.
The difference between of ABACCS and MPP

ABACCs and MPP actually works for the students. The difference is that ABACCs scope of work is narrowed and more focused on the affairs of the Bachelor of Accountancy students while MPP is the core body that monitors the whole activities of the students association in UiTM.

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